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Adoption/Child Services
    Adopting in Vermont. Adoptees, Birth Mothers,
    Search & Reunion
    Meet the children | Department for Children and
    Every registered home care provider and every
    licensed center or school age care program in
    Vermont is in our database.
    The OCS Registry is responsible for processing
    child support collections and disbursements.

Area Codes, Post Offices & Zip Codes
    A listing of all the cities in each area code in the
    state of Vermont.
    Search for Post Office locations in Vermont,
    get latitude and longitude, maps and links.
    Zip code listings for Vermont

    The following individuals have been
    Vermont Department of Corrections
    Sex Offender Registries, Sex Offenders Search,
    News, Info and Discussion
    Vermont Criminal Information Center
    Browse photos and additional information
    Browse photos.  All information offered on this page
    is from Vermont's Sex Offender Registry. The links
    on this page will transport you to information offered
    by the Registry. The people on this page are not
    displayed in alphabetical order.

Directories is a directory of local, pre-screened and
    qualified private investigators.
    Vermont Process Servers -

    Browse links to public school websites
    Links to college and university websites
    The site provides information about the VTDOE’s
    programs, services, and initiatives to all who are
    interested in Vermont’s education community.

General Resource
    Legal Community Against Violence
    Freedom of Information Center at the Missouri
    School of Journalism
    Vermont State Symbols Capital Constitution Flags
    Maps Song
    Alphabetical listing of departments
    This municipal information web page is designed
    for local officials and members of the public who are
    looking for information about Vermont's municipal
    governments and the laws that apply to them.
    Vermont organizations, agencies, websites and
    municipal bond calendar
    NACO collects, researches, publishes and
    disseminates a variety of different information for, on
    and about counties.
    A directory of Official state, County, and local
    government websites.
    Find the telephone number, email address, and
    location of State of Vermont employees, agencies,
    departments, toll-free services, TTY services, and
    conference rooms.
    The towns listed are only towns with websites
    Vermont County, City and Township Government
    Web Sites
    The Official State Website
Government-Elected Officials
    Browse opinions for the past seven years.
    Home Page for Vermont Attorney General
    Information about Archives, Corporations, Elections,
    Professional Regulation and More...
    Information about the Court System in Vermont
    Browse the Vermont Constitution
    Current Legislation and Legislative Activities
    Search for Bills and Resolutions by Sponsor or
    Keyword, Display the Current Status of a Specific Bill
    or Resolution, Read the Text of a Specific Bill or
    Resolution, and more...
    Links to State Legislature and Legislative Research
    Guides & Sources
    The Vermont Statutes Online is an unofficial copy of
    the Vermont Statutes Annotated, provided as a
Libraries & Archives
    A guide to Library Resources on the internet
    Public Libraries in Vermont
    Browse information and databases.  A division of the
    Secretary of State.  The Vermont State Archives
    maintains databases or electronic indexes for the
    following records:Historical Campaign Finance,
    Index to Manuscript Vermont State Papers, Archival
    Records in the Vermont State Archives, Right-to-
    Know database, Notary Public database, Surveyor
    Maps and Lotting Plans database

    U.S. Census Bureau
    View interactive maps, static maps, or digital atlas
    Vermont State Map - Cities, Roads, Counties,
    Rivers, Lakes, Topo

    Updated links to all Vermont newspapers (US) from
    NewsLink Associates.
    Find newspapers in Vermont with our free, current &
    extensive directory
    Links to newspapers and TV stations in Vermont.
PI Related (Licensing & Associations)

Public Records
    General information about Public Records in Vermont
    Browse an alphabetical list
    This database includes information on all persons
    licensed by the Vermont Banking Division as: (LL)
    licensed lenders, (MB) mortgage brokers, (DA) debt
    adjusters, (MVF) motor vehicle sales finance
    companies, (RSF) retail sales finance companies,
    (CC) check cashers, and (MT) money transmitter who
    conduct business in the State of Vermont.
    This page offers access to our campaign finance
    database, 1916 to 2006 inclusive.
    View contribution and expenditure totals of candidates,
    PACs and parties. Search statewide candidate
    disclosure reports. View images of the disclosure
    reports of senate and house candidates, political
    committee and political parties.
    Search by name, number, location or license category.
    Search Corporations, Trade Names, Limited Liability
    Companies, Partnerships, Reservations, Registrations
    You may use this search to locate information on a
    business through a particular individual who may have
    some involvement with the business.
    Registration & fee required to use this service.  Access
    calendar information for all District and Family Courts
    and some Superior Courts as well as detailed case
    information for most Superior Courts including civil and
    small claims.
    These rules govern access by the public to the records
    of all courts and administrative offices of the Judicial
    Branch of the State of Vermont, whether the records are
    kept in paper or electronic form. They provide a
    comprehensive policy on public access to Judicial
    Branch records.
    Vermont Criminal Informations Center
    a Searchable Database of Vermont Physicians,
    Podiatrists & Physician's Assistants.
    Licenses for State of Vermont electricians are broken
    down alphabetically. Click on the corresponding letter
    of the last name.
    Authorized Vermont Insurers
    Lists of licensees and other files you can download.
    This page offers access to our lobbyist registry
    Search by name or year.
    Resources for Public Records
    Real estate, public records and research information
    The Vermont Secretary of State maintains a master list
    of all notaries public appointed and commissioned in
    the State of Vermont
    Search the Vermont Dept. Agriculture databases of
    pesticides registered.
    Profiles of all health care professionals licensed,
    certified, or registered by the department of Health.
    Licenses for State of Vermont plumbers are broken
    down alphabetically. Click on the corresponding letter
    of the last name.
    Secretary of State Licensing Database
    Office of Professional Regulation Website.  Has
    downloads to lists of Regulated Professions
    Food & Lodging Program Inspection Report
    The Right to Know database is resource tool for
    locating and identifying laws that affect access to
    Vermont public records.
    Search Telemarketers by name or file number
    This page offers access to our Uniform Commercial
    Code registry database.
    The primary function of the Unclaimed Property Division
    is to locate and return various forms of unclaimed
    financial property to the rightful owners or their heirs.
    Vermont Courts Online provides access to calendar
    information for all of Vermont's District and Family
    Courts and 12 of 14 Superior Courts; as well as
    detailed case information for 12 of 14 Vermont Superior
    Courts (civil and small claims cases).
    Find Public Record sources in Vermont
    List of all Vermont Licensed Well Drillers

Public Safety/Law Enforcement
    A reporter’s state-by-state access guide to law
    enforcement records
    On this website you will find information and resources
    about community safety, offender accountability, victim
    services, offender education and programming,
    community involvement, and community and reparative
    The Department’s statutory purpose is to promote the
    detection and prevention of crime, to participate in
    searches for lost and missing persons, and to assist
    in cases of statewide or local disasters or
    Department of Public Safety-Agency website & address
    Vermont State Police Web site
Transportation (Airports, Autos & Boats)
    Department of Motor Vehicles
    Official Website--Vehicle Registration
    Unofficial guide to the DMV
    Sample ID'S, permits, and licenses
    Instructions on how to obtain a copy of your own driving

Unsolved Crimes & Missing Persons
    Vermont State Police Unsolved Homicide Alerts

Vital Records (Birth, Death & Marriage)
    Online Vermont Death Records, Obituaries & Vital
    Records Indexes
    Vermont Department of Health
    Vermont Birth Certificate, Death Record, Marriage
    license and other vital records
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