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  • Criminals
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  • Vital Records~~Birth, Death
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  • County Resources
    Adopting in Rhode Island. Adoptees, Birth Mothers,
    Search & Reunion
    Information on Rhode Islands voluntary adoption union
    This is an adoption exchange.  Information on
    permanent placement adoption of children waiting in
    state care.  View photos of waiting children.
    Search for Day Care providers licensed in the State of
    Rhode Island .
    Department of Human Services

Area Codes, Post Offices & Zip Codes
    A listing of all the cities in each area code in the state
    of Rhode Island.
    Search for Post Office locations in Rhode Island, get
    latitude and longitude, maps and links.
    Zip code listings for Rhode Island.

    The Department of Corrections website is a service
    that is maintained by the Department of Corrections
    (“DOC”) to provide certain inmate information to the
    Sex Offender Registries, Sex Offenders Search, News,
    Info and Discussion
    State of Rhode Island: Parole Board & Sex Offender
    Community Notification Unit
    Rhode Island Most Wanted is sponsored by the Rhode
    Island Bankers Association and maintained by the
    Rhode Island State Police to identify unknown criminal
    Rhode Islands 10 most wanted - maintained by the
    Rhode Island State Police.

    Search the directory by member name.
    PInow.com is a directory of local, pre-screened and
    qualified private investigators.
    Rhode-Island Process Servers - ServeNow.com

    Search the Master directory for schools, school districts
    and other information from the Rhode Island
    Department of Education.
    View a list of Rhode Island education institutions and
    organizations provided by the Rhode Island Board of
    Governors for Higher Education.

General Resource
    Legal Community Against Violence
    Freedom of Information Center at the Missouri School
    of Journalism
    Rhode Island State Symbols Capital Constitution Flags
    Maps Song
    Browse A-Z list of Rhode Island State Agencies.
    The Rhode Island General Assembly online Bill
    History/Status Search.
    A searchable database listing the members of state
    boards and commissions, detailing who appointed
    them, their date of engagement and the expiration date
    of their term.
    An online listing of Rhode Island Business and
    Professional State Laws.
    Rhode Island's 39 cities and towns.  Links to websites.
    View the structure of the State of Rhode Island court
    system. Chart opens as an Acrobat file.
    Searchable database of all state and local public
    bodies with contact information, membership, open
    meetings information, regulations information and
    Information about the court system in Rhode Island
    provided by the Rhode Island Judiciary.
    Search Tool to find lobbyists and organizations who are
    lobbying the General Assembly and Executive Branch.
    Community information from the "2007 Directory of
    City/Town Officials"
    Rhode Island organizations, agencies, websites and
    municipal bond calendar
    NACo collects, researches, publishes and
    disseminates a variety of different information for, on
    and about counties.
    Searchable database of rules and regulations
    promulgated by state agencies, boards and
    commissions from January 2002 to the present.
    Rhode Island Online
    This site has been designed to provide you with a
    toolbox of links to help you follow the legislative
    Provides up-to-date background and contact
    information for key officials, agencies and departments
    of all three branches of state government as well as
    Rhode Island's Congressional delegation.
    Links to State Legislature and Legislative Research
    Guides & Sources
    This link provides complete and updated text of all bills
    introduced in the 2008 session of the R.I House of
    Representatives. Bills may be searched by the four
    digit number, by bill sponsor, by R.I. General Laws
    citation, or by typing key words and phrases.
    Visit the website for information about the Secretary of
    State divisions and Responsibilities.
    Search currently available state jobs online.
    View opinions issued by the Rhode Island Supreme
    A directory of Official state, county, and city Government
    State of Rhode Island General Assembly.  This is the
    internet version of the Rhode Island Code
    Rhode Island County, City and Township Government
    Web Sites

Libraries & Archives
    Visit the Rhode Island State Law Library located in the
    Frank Licht Judicial Complex (the Supreme and
    Superior Court building in downtown Providence
    Rhode Island).
    A Guide to Library Resources on the Internet
    OSL's online catalog offers access to materials in all of
    the public libraries in Rhode Island.
    Hours collection information and more from the Rhode
    Island Historical Societys library.
library's online catalog.
library's online catalog.

    This page contains a list of public libraries in Rhode
    The Library's purpose is to assist members of the
    General Assembly with the research on the preparation
    of proposed legislation.

    Links to a page of map resources from RI.gov
    U.S. Census Bureau
    Rhode Island State Map - Cities, Roads, Counties,
    Rivers, Lakes, Topo
    Video snapshots from the TMC cameras positioned on
    major road systems around the state.

    Updated links to all RhodeIsland newspapers (US)
    from NewsLink Associates.
    Find newspapers in Rhode Island with our free, current
    & extensive directory listings
    Links to newspapers and TV stations in Rhode Island.
    RI.gov links to online newspapers.
PI Related (Licensing & Associations)
    Rhode Island Statutes CHAPTER 5-5:  Private Detective

Public Records
    General information about records in Rhode Island
    The Rhode Island Judiciary offers this search tool to
    locate information of those convicted of crimes in
    Rhode Island.
    This page offers name and license number searches
    Browse lists of physicians, licensed in the State of
    Rhode Island, that has had a disciplinary action taken
    against his/her license. All disciplinary actions are
    public information.
    This list is composed of voter registration information
    maintained by the 39 local boards of canvassers for all
    voters who have active, inactive, and pending
    registrations.  You may purchase the statewide CVRS
    voter list here for $25.00.
    This search allows you to view detail on registered
    residential contractors and commercial roofers.
    View a list of all suspended, revoked and any
    contractors with pending violations.
    Public Search Screen.  State of Rhode Island and
    Providence Plantations.  Office of the Secretary of State
    This Web Site provides public access to all information
    on all individuals, facilities and other entities licensed
    or certified by the Department of Health.
    Links to a page containing lists of companies licensed
    and approved by the Division of Insurance Regulation.
    A listing of licensed occupations in Rhode Island.
    Maintained by the Rhode Island Department of Labor &
    Real Estate information, public records and research
    information portal.
    This free service from the Secretary of State's office
    allows you to search for a Notary by entering in their
    last name.
    Search the Rhode Island Department of Environmental
    Management databases of pesticides registered.
    Department of Labor & Training's Professional
    Regulation On-line web site where you can check a
    trade license or report a change of address.
    Search by name, address, or license number.
    Search by name, address, or license number
    See the last 4 months of real estate transactions
    online, from the Warren Group of Boston.
    View a list of Architects licensed by the Board of
    Examination and Registration of Architects
    View a list of Architectural firms licensed by the Board
    of Examination and Registration of Architects
    View a list of Landscape Architects licensed by the
    Board of Examiners of Landscape Architects
    View a list of Landscape Architectural firms licensed by
    the Board of Examiners of Landscape Architects
    View a list of Engineers licensed by the Board of
    Registration for Professional Engineers
    View a list of Engineering firms licensed by the Board
    of Registration for Professional Engineers
    Land Surveyors licensed and certified in the State of
    Rhode Island by the State Board of Registration for
    Professional Land Surveyors.
    Land surveying firms licensed and certified
    in the State of Rhode Island by the State Board of
    Registration for Professional Land Surveyors.
    With this service, a tax payer may reprint & research
    their tax bills.
    We make every effort to keep this database current, but
    it does not represent a complete listing of properties
    with septic systems.
    This information is available 24 hours a day and is
    updated as filings are made on the system. The UCC
    Information Management System’s Public Search Index
    allows for the retrieval of UCC records by debtor Name,
    file Number and/or secured Party name.
    Check your name against the State Treasurer's list of
    those with unclaimed funds and property. This tool also
    allows you to inquire about your claim through an easy
    to use online form.

Public Safety/Law Enforcement
    Visit the State of Rhode Island Department of
    Corrections Web site.
    Links to Cities and Towns Police Websites.
    Web site of the Rhode Island State Sheriffs
    Department. Featuring a department history recruiting
    information faqs and contact information.
    View Rhode Island public boat launching sites
    provided by the Department of Environmental
    Renew your boat registration online with the Rhode
    Island Department of Environmental Management.
    Licensing and Registration pages.
    Web site of the Rhode Island Division of Motor
    Vehicles. Responsible for Vehicle Registration Drivers
    Licenses plates and all other rules and regulations for
    driving in the Ocean State.
    Unofficial guide to the DMV
    View images of past Rhode Island License Plates.
    View Rhode Island Vehicle laws online from the Rhode
    Island legislature.
    Obtain a licensed Drivers Record.  Records provided
    through this online service contain the driving record
    history for the past 3 years only and are copies of the
    official state of Rhode Island driver record as provided
    by the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles.
    Visit the DOT website for information on services.
    Rhodeways: The Rhode Island Department of
    Transportation's Transportation Management Center.
    Traffic cameras congestion mapping highway
    advisories and more.

Unsolved Crimes & Missing Persons
    View Rhode Island missing children information.
    Maintained by the Rhode Island State Police.

Vital Records (Birth, Death & Marriage)
    The Office of Vital Records is the State agency that is
    responsible for the registration and permanent filing of
    the vital records of the 39 cities and towns of Rhode
    Island.  Vital records are confidential. Therefore, only
    those individuals who have what is called a "Direct and
    Tangible Interest" in the records may have access to
    Rhode Island Birth Certificate, Death Record, Marriage
    license and other vital records
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