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Links on this page
Adoption/Child Services
    Adopting in Missouri. Adoptees, Adopt, Birth
    Mothers, Search & Reunion
    Search or Browse Children waiting for adoption
    A web-based listing of all licensed and license-
    exempt providers in Missouri
    CSE's responsibilities include locating parents,
    establishing paternity, establishing child and
    medical support orders, monitoring and enforcing
    compliance with child and medical support orders,
    reviewing and initiating modification of support
    orders and distributing support collections.
    Search Department of Health and Senior Services
    database to identify if a person is a Family Care
    Safety registrant.
Area Codes, Post Offices & Zip Codes
    A listing of all the cities in each area code in the
    state of Missouri.
    Search for Post Office locations in Missouri,
    get latitude and longitude, maps and links.
    Zip code listings for Missouri
    The objective of this website is to be a repository of
    information about those who have been executed
    and those currently under death sentence in
    This application provides information about
    offenders supervised by the Missouri Department
    of Corrections.
    Sex Offender Registries, Sex Offenders Search,
    News, Info and Discussion
    The information on the web site refers only to
    persons who have been convicted of, found guilty
    of or plead guilty to committing or attempting to
    commit sexual offenses and may not reflect the
    entire criminal history of a particular individual.
    Browse photos and information
    Use LawyerSearch to find a lawyer currently
    accepting new clients. Not all Missouri lawyers are
    listed in LawyerSearch - only those who have
    indicated that they would like to be included.
    PInow.com is a directory of local, pre-screened
    and qualified private investigators.
    Missouri Process Servers - ServeNow.com
    If you would like to check whether a lawyer is in
    good standing search below. Every lawyer in
    Missouri who is in good standing with the
    Supreme Court of Missouri is included in the
    Official Missouri Directory of Lawyers. You will find
    the lawyer’s name, city, and bar number.
    Browse Department information.
    Missouri Department of Higher Education
    View the Missouri School Directory online
    This page provides links to data about public
    schools in Missouri.
General Resource
    Legal Community Against Violence
    Freedom of Information Center at the Missouri
    School of Journalism
    Missouri State Symbols Capital Constitution Flags
    Maps Song
    State of Missouri official website
    This is a listing of our most popular agency link
    requests by subject.
    Links to county websites
    Links to City and Town websites
    A directory of official state, county and city
    government websites.
    Search for a State employee by last name.  OR
    choose one of the other search options.
    Missouri organizations, agencies, websites and
    municipal bond calendar
    NACo collects, researches, publishes and
    disseminates a variety of different information for,
    on and about counties.
    Missouri County, City and Township Government
    Web Sites
Government-Elected Officials
    Browse department information
    This website is meant to be a resource for
    researching, requesting and obtaining copies of
    Missouri Attorney General opinions. Opinions
    issued after January 1, 1969 are available for
    viewing and printing on this website, but copies of
    opinions issued prior to January 1, 1969 must be
    requested in paper form.
    Browse Governors Website
    Browse department information
    Missouri Courts Home page
    Search by keyword or year.
    Search, View, Download of request copies of the
    Browse the Main page for the Missouri Legislature.
    Links to State Legislature and Legislative research
    guides and sources.
    SEARCH by Keyword or Statute Number
    Find your Legislators by simply entering your full
    zip+4 code.
Libraries & Archives
    A guide to library resources on the internet
    The Missouri State Archives is the official
    repository for state records of permanent and
    historical value.
    U.S. Census Bureau
    This site is your gateway to geospatial data,
    interactive maps, and other information available
    as a result of the collaborative effort by Missouri
    state agencies and the federal and local
    Geologic maps show the distribution,
    composition, age, and structure (folds, faults, etc.)
    of the various solid materials that make up Earth's
    crust. Browse a detailed index of 7.5' quadrangles.
    Missouri State Map - Cities, Roads, Counties,
    Rivers, Lakes, Topo
    Updated links to all Missouri newspapers (US)
    from NewsLink Associates.
    Find newspapers in Missouri with our free, current
    & extensive directory.
    Links to newspapers and TV stations in Missouri.
PI Related (Licensing & Associations)
    Every person desiring to be licensed in Missouri
    as a private investigator or private investigator
    agency shall make application to the board of
    private investigator examiners.
    Browse licensing information from the Missouri
    Business Development Program.  NOTE:  
    Statewide licensing is now required.
    Individuals wanting to apply for a private
    detective/investigator license may obtain an
    application from the Business License Office, 725
    East Broadway, Columbia, MO 65201.
    Download application packet
Public Records
    General information about records in Missouri
    Missouri State Highway Patrol Online Arrest
    Reports.  Information on this site is preliminary
    information relating to arrests performed by the
    Missouri State Highway Patrol.
    Secretary of State-Business Services
    A variety of different search options from the
    Missouri Ethics Commission
    View all charities or search for a charity
    Case.net is your access to the Missouri State
    Courts Automated Case Management System.
    From here you are able to inquire on case records
    including docket entries, parties, judgments, and
    charges in public court.
    Criminal Record Check.  Missouri Highway State
    Various databases from the Springfield Missouri
    Use the expert witness database to search for
    instances of expert witness testimony. You can
    search by witness specialty, witness name or
    case number.
    View lists of regulate Bank & Trust Companies
    Search by license number, name or business
    Check your agency/business entity producer
    status here
    Search by name or city.
    Formal administrative actions in which the
    department’s enforcement counsel represents the
    Consumer Affairs Division in cases against
    insurance producers or agencies to seek
    discipline of licenses through legal proceedings
    with the Administrative Hearing Commission.
    You can find out how any licensed long-term care
    facility did on its last inspection.
    View information about state agency expenditures,
    the distribution of economic development tax
    credits and state employee pay information.
    view your County Collectors website and pay taxes
    online quickly, safely and securely.
    The information contained in "Downloadable
    Listings" and "Licensee Search" is updated nightly.
    Real Estate information and Public Records
    Find out if your residential phone number is on
    Missouri's No Call List.
    View Recent consumer-related recall notices
    To search for a business with a revoked sales tax
    license, you may search below by county, city,
    business name, or Missouri Tax ID Number
    (Sales Tax License Number).
    Search by contract number or keyword
    To obtain the current teacher certification status of
    an individual, you must know the name and social
    security number.
    Search UCC filings at the Secretary of State Office.
    The Office of State Treasurer Sarah Steelman
    administers the Unclaimed Property Division, the
    state’s largest lost and found. The state currently
    is holding more than $400 million in unclaimed
Public Safety/Law Enforcement
    A reporter’s state-by-state access guide to law
    enforcement records
    Corrections Home page.  Browse Department
    Public Safety Home page.  Browse information
    about Divisions and services.
    Police & Sheriff Contact information.
    Browse Department Information
Transportation (Airports, Autos & Boats)
    The directory offers aerial photos and detailed
    descriptions of all Missouri public-use airports.
    This Aeronautical Chart provides aeronautical
    information on controlled airspace, airport data,
    visual and radio aid navigation, restricted areas,
    obstructions, and related data for visual flight
    navigation in the State of Missouri.
    Unofficial guide to the DMV
    A person or entity may only access the personal
    information on a Missouri driver record if they are
    exempt under the Federal Driver's Privacy
    Protection Act (DPPA) or they have obtained
    express consent from the record holder.
    View images of Missouri License plates.
    Browse department information & services.
    Approved dealers and lien holders may search for
    title records.
    Information on this site is preliminary information
    relating to motor vehicle crashes investigated by
    the Missouri State Highway Patrol. (Crashes
    investigated by agencies outside the Missouri
    State Highway Patrol are not included.) They are
    posted here automatically and remain online for
    29 days.
    Boat/Vessel/Outboard Motor Titling and
Unsolved Crimes & Missing Persons
    Browse the missing persons database for
    information on missing persons.
    Browse photos and missing adult posters from
    the Missouri State Highway Patrol
    Browse photos and missing children posters from
    the Missouri Highway Patrol.
    Browse photos and posters from the Missouri
    State Highway Patrol.
Vital Records (Birth, Death & Marriage)
    The Missouri Death Certificate Database,
    containing death records created after 1910 and
    over 50 years old, makes that information available
    online through a searchable index that links to a
    digitized image of the original death certificate.
    Missouri birth, death, marriage and divorce
    records are maintained by the Department of
    Health and Senior Services Bureau of Vital
    Browse links to online Missouri Death records
    Missouri Birth Certificate, Death Record, Marriage
    license and other vital records
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