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Links on this page
Adoption/Child Services
    Adopting in Minnesota. Adoptees, Adopt, Birth
    Mothers, Search & Reunion
    Browse information about child support services
    Search information on children waiting to be
Area Codes, Post Offices & Zip Codes
    A listing of all the cities in each area code in the
    state of Minnesota.
    Search for Post Office locations in Minnesota,
    get latitude and longitude, maps and links.
    Zip code listings for Minnesota
    This search can be used to retrieve public
    information about adult offenders who have been
    committed to the Commissioner of Corrections,
    and who are still under our jurisdiction (i.e. in
    prison, or released from prison and still under
    Sex Offender Registries, Sex Offenders Search,
    News, Info and Discussion
    Information regarding Level III Predatory Offenders
    is posted on this site according to Minnesota
    Statutes 244.052.  Law enforcement agencies
    decide, on a case-by-case basis what information
    is to be posted.
    PInow.com is a directory of local, pre-screened
    and qualified private investigators.
    Minnesota Process Servers - ServeNow.com
    Home. Page. The Minnesota Department of
    Education formerly Children, Families & Learning
    works to help communities to measurably improve
    the well-being of children through programs that
    focus on education, community services,
    prevention, and the preparation of young people for
    the world of work.
    Home page.  Find information about the programs
    and services offered at Minnesota State Colleges
    and Universities (MnSCU).
    Home page.  Browse information, data and
    resources.  View requirements for school
    licensure and registration.
General Resource
    Legal Community Against Violence
    Freedom of Information Center at the Missouri
    School of Journalism
    Minnesota State Symbols Capital Constitution
    Flags Maps Song
    Search published formal opinions from 1993.
    Find current information on House and Senate
    bills, previous years' bills, House and Senate
    journals and committees, Governors legislative
    log, Laws and Vetoes, Guides on how to follow a
    bill, research a legislative issue and more.
    Enter your address to locate a district.
    Minnesota State Government Online
    Links to county websites
    Search for a state employee or agency.
    Minnesota Court System.  The court system is
    responsible for interpreting the laws and cases
    that are brought before it. Find information on
    rules, opinions, information about the court system
    and much more.
    Links to State Legislature and Legislative
    Research Guides & Sources
    Some of the responsibilities of the Secretary of
    State are to certify the authenticity of a wide variety
    of official documents, registers a variety of
    business organizations and is the chief election
    official of the state.
    Browse alphabetical list of state agencies.  Also
    included in this listing are state boards, councils,
    commissions, committees, ombudsmen offices
    and task forces.
    A directory of official state, county, and city
    government websites.
    Home Page.  Browse Information on the
    Minnesota House of Representatives, Senate,
    Legislative Commissions, Legislation and Bill
    Status, Schedules and Statutes.
    Browse Current Minnesota Statutes, Session
    Laws back to 1994, nd rules by agency & chapter,
    state constitution
    Minnesota organizations, agencies, websites and
    municipal bond calendar
    NACo collects, researches, publishes and
    disseminates a variety of different information for,
    on and about counties.
    Minnesota County, City and Township Government
    Web Sites
Libraries & Archives
    A guide to library resources on the internet
    Browse information about the collections or the
    Minnesota Historical Society.  Search catalog or
    several online databases.
    The State Archives Department identifies, collects,
    and preserves the historically valuable records of
    almost 4,000 units of state and local government
    in Minnesota. These are records generated from
    the territorial period to the present day. Search the
    This site includes a searchable archive of
    Minnesota Appellate Court opinions, library
    information and publications, including the
    Directory of Minnesota County Law Libraries.
    U.S. Census Bureau
    View and print the Official State Highway map from
    the Minnesota Department of Transportation
    Minnesota State Map - Cities, Roads, Counties,
    Rivers, Lakes, Topo
    Updated links to all Minnesota newspapers (US)
    from NewsLink Associates.
    Find newspapers in Minnesota with our free,
    current & extensive directory
    Links to newspapers and TV stations in Minnesota.
PI Related (Licensing & Associations)
    Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent
Public Records
    General information about records in Minnesota
    Search lists by last name or license number
    To search for an individual licensee, please select
    a specific license type or "Any License Type" from
    the drop-down menu and then use one of the
    search criteria:
    FIND ENTITY NAME SEARCH.  Department of
    Labor and Economic Growth
    This page enables you to produce a report of
    contributions made to either a specific candidate,
    or to a group of candidates that meet a criterion
    This page enables you to produce a report of
    contributions made by a specific lobbyist or
    individual, or a report of contributions made by
    individuals and lobbyists that match a set of
    From this page you can produce a report of
    contributions to a specific political party unit or a
    specific political committee or political fund
    From this page you can produce a report of the
    contributions made by a specific political
    committee or fund or a specific political party unit.
    From this page you may produce a report of either
    the independent expenditures made for or against
    a specific candidate or all of the independent
    expenditures made by a specific political
    committee or political party unit.
    The organizations in this database are registered
    with the Charities Division of the Minnesota
    Attorney General's Office.
    Search by last name, city, or zip
    View full list or search by Doctor
    Please select the first letter of the last name for the
    list of Active/Current and Inactive/Current certificate
    holders. or search by name and license number
    Search all licenses or by license type
    These industries and professions: Accelerated
    Mortgage Payment, Appraiser, Athlete Agent,
    Banks, Collections, Consumer Small Loan, Credit
    Unions, Currency Exchange, Debt Prorate,
    Franchises, Industrial Loan & Thrift, Insurance,
    Money Transmitter, Mortgage, Motor Vehicle
    Finance, Premium Finance, Real Estate,
    Regulated Lenders, Securities,
    Telecommunications, Trusts.
    Search actions from year 2000 to present
    Search for a licensee by program type
    View licensee Program Lists in PDF Format
    Use these links to verify the status of licenses held
    by electrical, elevator and technology system
    contractors licensed by the Department of Labor
    and Industry
    Disciplinary actions, revocations, suspensions
    Search for certified EMS personnel by name or
    certification number.
    This database allows you to search for a funeral
    establishment or mortician by name, city, or county.
    This database offers addresses, phone numbers,
    administrator names and state registration or
    licensure status for Minnesota health care
    providers.  Provider types in the directory are
    boarding care homes, home health agencies,
    home care providers, hospices, hospitals,
    housing with services, nursing homes and
    supervised living facilities and other non-long term
    care providers.
    The Health Occupations activity currently regulates
    three speech-hearing occupations, unlicensed
    alternative and complimentary health care
    practitioners, and occupational therapy
    This page offers name, town and license number
    Search for lawyers licensed to practice in
    Minnesota to determine whether they have been
    publicly disciplined
    This is the public access site for the Minnesota
    appellate courts case management system,
    known as P-MACS. It provides access to the status
    of appeals filed with the Minnesota Supreme Court
    and the Minnesota Court of Appeals.
    Parcel Data Online
    This website contains public data maintained by
    the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.
    Data on criminal convictions is public for 15 years
    following the completion of the sentence.
    Real Estate information and Public Records
    Enter a license number or at least 1 letter of the
    last name to search for licensees.
    Search by county, city and/or name of a nursing
    home facility
    Enter a license number or at least 1 letter of the
    last name to search for licensees.
    Search a Professional Profile either by name or by
    Search for licensees (P.T.'s or P.T.A.'s) by last
    name or license number.
    View a list in Acrobat format.
    This site provides information on how to access
    case records available for public viewing
    Search by name, license number, year of action
    Search by name or license number
    Access Minnesota's unclaimed property database.
    To find information about the Veterans Homes
    follow the links
    Search by last name or license number
    Search Workers' Compensation Decisions.  
    Included in this archive are all decisions issued by
    the Workers' Compensation Court of Appeals
    (WCCA) between 1999 and 2007
Public Safety/Law Enforcement
    Department of Corrections Home page.  Browse
    information about services.
    Department of Public Safety Home page.  Browse
    information & resources on these divisions:  
    Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Liquor Control,
    Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement, Crime Victim
    Services, Driver & Vehicle Services, Emergency
    Management, State Fire Marshal, Pipeline Safety,
    State Highway Patrol, Capitol Security and Traffic
    Browse a pdf file
    Browse a pdf file.
    View districts and contact information
Transportation (Airports, Autos & Boats)
    To lookup basic aircraft registration information,
    you need only the Aircraft N-Number.
    Alphabetical listing & links to information
    Watercraft licenses - registration procedures &
    Unofficial guide to the DMV
    Check status of Minnesota Driver License
    View images of Minnesota license plates
    Home page.  Browse department information
    about transportation system. Responsible areas
    include aeronautics, highways, motor carriers,
    ports, public transit, railroads and pipelines.
    Information about how to request a copy of a
    driving record.
    Search by make, year & model or by VIN number.
Unsolved Crimes & Missing Persons
    Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Vital Records (Birth, Death & Marriage)
    This Index currently covers the years 1900-1934
    (There are approximately 2700 records indicated
    as "Pre 1900").
    Currently, this database indexes the death cards
    from 1904 to 1907 and the death certificates from
    1908 to 2001.
    Department of Community Health
    Minnesota Birth Certificate, Death Record,
    Marriage license and other vital records
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