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Links on this page
Adoption/Child Services
    Adopting in Illinois. Adoptees, Birth Mothers,
    Search & Reunion
    Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
    Our web site offers the information and resources
    you need before, during, and after becoming an
    adoptive or foster parent.
    The Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical
    Information Exchange (IARMIE) program provides
    a means by which registrants may authorize or
    prohibit the release of identifying information.
    The Department is fully committed to the use of all
    available enforcement tools to collect unpaid child
    It is necessary to Apply for Search Access before
    you can Request a Search.  A Putative Father is
    defined as a man who may be the child’s
    biological father, but who is not married to the child’
    s mother on or before the date of the child’s birth
    and has not established his paternity through legal
Area Codes, Post Offices & Zip Codes
    A listing of all the cities in each area code in the
    state of Illinois.
    Search for Post Office locations in Illinois,
    get latitude and longitude, maps and links.
    Zip Code Listings for Illinois
    Illinois Department of Corrections
    The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family
    Services, Division of Child Support Enforcement
    has the statutory authority to disclose information
    about "deadbeat" parents, who owe $5,000 or
    more in past-due child support
    Fugitive warrants have been issued on the
    following individuals at the request of the Illinois
    Department of Corrections.
    Sex Offender Registries, Sex Offenders Search,
    News, Info and Discussion
    Illinois Compiled Statutes (730 ILCS 152/115 (a)
    and (b)) mandate that the Illinois State Police
    ("ISP") establish and maintain a statewide Sex
    Offender Database, accessible on the Internet,
    identifying persons who have been convicted of
    certain sex offenses and/or crimes against
    children and must register as a Sex Offender.
    Illinois State Bar Association-Lawyer Finder is a directory of local, pre-screened
    and qualified private investigators.
    Illinois Process Servers -
    Browse information about the Illinois Community
    College System.
    Browse information about colleges, universities,
    degree programs, and more...
    Home page.  Browse programs and services
General Resource
    Legal Community Against Violence
    Freedom of Information Center at the Missouri
    School of Journalism
    Illinois State Symbols Capital Constitution Flags
    Maps Song
    This website allows access to the Official
    Opinions of the Illinois Attorney General from 1992
    until the present.
    Illinois General Assembly - Search Bills
    This section provides you with tools to locate
    Illinois communities. Also provided for many
    communities are school report cards, crime data,
    and link to city and county web sites.
    Search for your Districts or Officials by selecting
    one of the available searches
    Information maintained by the Legislative
    Reference Bureau.
    Illinois Courts Information Site.
    The Official Website for the State of Illinois
    Browse a list of Illinois agencies, boards and
    Links to State Legislature Website and Legislative
    Research Guides & Sources
    Opens as a pdf file.
    The Lobbying Entity Registration Search allows
    you to view a lobbying entity's registration
    Illinois organizations, agencies, websites and
    municipal bond calendar
    NACo collects, researches, publishes and
    disseminates a variety of different information for,
    on and about counties.
    Secretary of State Departments
    The State Telephone Directory is available online
    to provide contact information for state agencies,
    boards, and commissions, as well as for most
    state employees.
    A directory of Official State, County, and City
    government websites
    contact information for state agencies, boards, and
    commissions, as well as for most state
    Illinois County, City and Township Government
    Web Sites
Libraries & Archives
    The Illinois State Archives is the official depository
    for those records of government, both state and
    local, which have been appraised to have long-
    term legal, administrative, historical, or other
    research values.
    Search a variety of online databases.
    A guide to library resources on the internet
    Illinois State Map - Cities, Roads, Counties,
    Rivers, Lakes, Topo
    U.S. Census Bureau
    Newspapers of the World - Newslink
    Thousands of newspapers on the Net
    Illinois Newspapers - Illinois Newspaper List
PI Related (Licensing & Associations)
Public Records
    General information about records in Illinois
    Attorney Registration and Disciplinary
    Commission.  Rules & Decisions is updated daily.
    Search licensed Bank & Trust Companies-
    Division of Banking.
    The Charitable Database allows you to search for
    public charities and private foundations which are
    registered in Illinois by name, registration number,
    FEIN #, city, state and/or zip code.
    Browse an alphabetical listing of all state of Illinois
    chartered credit unions.
    Enter the first few letters of the Chiropractor's last
    name OR enter a city or county to find
    Chiropractors with an office in that region.
    Search Licensees
    Search campaign contributions by candidates,
    committee, or proposition.
    Search Participating Courts.
    On January 1, 1991, the Uniform Conviction
    Information Act (UCIA) became law in Illinois. This
    act mandates that all criminal history record
    conviction information collected and maintained by
    the Illinois State Police, Bureau of Identification, be
    made available to the public
    An alphabetical listing of all state of Illinois
    community currency exchanges.
    The Employer Insurance Coverage Search page
    provides insurance coverage information for
    employers that have bought a workers’
    compensation insurance policy.
    The producer license inquiry is available Monday
    through Saturday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm central
    time.To accommodate system maintenance, the
    system is not available on Sundays.
    The database is updated daily and allows
    searching by name, county of conviction, date of
    conviction, or any combination thereof.
    Real Estate, Public Records, and research
    information portal
    Enter the first few letters of the Physician's last
    name OR enter a city or county to find Physicians
    with an office in that region.
    License Look-up results include the Licensee's
    Name, License Number, License Status, City and
    State, Original Date of Licensure, License
    Expiration Date and Disciplinary Action Indicator.
    Professions Regulated by the IDPR (Illinois
    Department of Professional Regulation)
    Access Profession Acts & Rules, Licensure
    Applications, Certifications/Verifications, Email
    Profession Specific Questions, Address Changes,
    Online License Renewal
    Look up licensees for appraisal, auction, home
    inspector, real estate, and timeshare/land sales.
    The database includes the complete UCC and
    Federal Tax Lien index of the Illinois Secretary of
    Illinois State Treasurer
Public Safety/Law Enforcement
    A reporter’s state-by-state access guide to law
    enforcement records
    Information on Inmates, and Correctional
    Institutions in Illinois.
    The Illinois State Police is a department in the
    executive branch of state government, consisting
    of operational divisions (Administration, Forensic
    Services, Human Resource, Information &
    Technology, Internal Investigation and Operations),
    direct accountability of which is assigned through
    eight programs: Agency Support, Communication,
    Forensics, Human Resource, Information and
    Technology, Investigation, Integrity and Patrol.
    Online accident & incident reports
Transportation (Airports, Autos & Boats)
    Services for Motorists.  Drivers License, License
    plates, Titles & Registrations
    Unofficial guide to the DMV
    Opens in PDF
    2300 S. Dirksen Parkway
    Springfield, IL 62764     (217)782-7820
    Browse images of Illinois license plates
    You may either enter your license plate number to
    check registration status or enter VIN to check the
    status of a vehicle title.
    Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Unsolved Crimes & Missing Persons
    National Center for Missing & Exploited Children-
    Illinois Listings
    Illinois State Police-Missing Persons page
    Police departments throughout the state have
    made use of this section to request information
    from the public concerning unsolved crimes
Vital Records (Birth, Death & Marriage)
    This database provides listings of death
    certificates filed with the Illinois Department of
    Public Health between 1916 and 1950.
    The Illinois Department of Public Health preserves
    the state's records on births, deaths, marriages
    and divorces.
    Certified copies are available from the county clerk
    in the county where the marriage occurred.
    Links to online death records and indexes.
    Illinois Birth Certificate, Death Record, Marriage
    license and other vital records
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