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Links on this page
Adoption/Child Services
    Adopting in Georgia. Adoptees, Birth Mothers,
    Search & Reunion
    Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR)
    Child Protective Services staff investigates reports
    of child abuse or neglect and provides services to
    protect the child and strengthen the family.
    All Georgia families have access to OCSS
    services, which include assistance with locating
    non-custodial parents, confirming paternity,
    establishing and enforcing child support and
    medical support orders, and collecting and
    distributing payments.
Area Codes,Post Offices &Zip Codes
    A listing of all the cities in each area code in the
    state of Georgia.
    Search for Post Office locations in Georgia,
    get latitude and longitude, maps and links.
    Zip code listings for Georgia
    Georgia State Board of Pardons & Paroles.  This
    database only includes offenders currently under
    supervision of the Parole Board. It does not
    include probationers or offenders who have
    completed their sentences.
    Sex Offender Registries, Sex Offenders Search,
    News, Info and Discussion
    Georgia Bureau of Investigation
    A predator is a person who has been convicted on
    or after July 1, 1996, of a sexually violent offense
    and who suffers from a mental abnormality or
    personality disorder or attitude that places the
    person at risk of perpetrating any future predatory
    sexually violent offenses.
    An absconder is a person who has failed to
    register with the appropriate sheriff's office either
    (a) initially within ten days after release from
    prison, placement on parole, supervised release
    or probation; or (b) on their registration anniversary
Directories is a directory of local, pre-screened
    and qualified private investigators.
    Georgia Process Servers -
    This directory is designed to provide contact,
    membership, and public disciplinary history
    information on attorneys who are licensed to
    practice law in Georgia.
    Browse alphabetical list and links to websites.
    Directories are maintained by the individual
    college or university. If a directory for a specific
    school is not listed, it is not available.
    This directory includes all personnel in the Atlanta
    and Athens university system office locations.
General Resource
    Legal Community Against Violence
    Freedom of Information Center at the Missouri
    School of Journalism
    Georgia State Symbols Capital Constitution Flags
    Maps Song
    Search opinions by keyword or by number
    ACCESS provided by Lexis-Nexis.
    List of Counties in Georgia
    Georgia Legislature home page.  Browse
    information about House of Representatives and
    Online access to Georgia Government
    Links to State Legislature Website and Legislative
    Research Guides & Sources
    Browse alphabetical list of state agencies.
    A directory of official state, county, and city
    government websites.
    Welcome to the Homepage of the Judicial Branch
    of Georgia
    This will allow you to search the 2007-2008
    legislation publicly available at this site.
    Georgia organizations, agencies, websites and
    municipal bond calendar
    NACo collects, researches, publishes and
    disseminates a variety of different information for,
    on and about counties.
    Browse the services provided by this office. Users
    can file corporation renewals, find information on a
    corporation, renew a professional license, register
    to vote, view state election results, or view
    historical documents, among many other options.
    The State of Georgia Telephone Directory provides
    up-to-date listings for state departments,
    authorities, commissions, colleges, universities
    and elected officials.
    Georgia County, City and Township Government
    Web Sites
Libraries & Archives
    Browse information about holdings and online
    This page contains a list of public libraries in
    A guide to library resources on the internet
    US Census Bureau
    Georgia State Map - Cities, Roads, Counties,
    Rivers, Lakes, Topo
    Updated links to all Georgia newspapers (US)
    from NewsLink Associates.
    Find newspapers in Georgia with our free, current
    & extensive directory  
    Links to newspapers and TV stations in Georgia.
PI Related (Licensing & Associations)
    The Georgia Board of Private Detective and
    Security Agencies was created for the purpose of
    safeguarding the citizens of this state by regulation
    of the private detective and security businesses.
Public Records
    General information about public records in
    Allows online users to access Cobb County,
    Georgia court records.  The database includes civil
    and criminal cases.
    Crime Information Center.  Obtaining Criminal
    History Record Information
    Court of Appeals Docket/Case inquiry system.
    Here you will find information and status of all
    cases since January of 2003.
    Computerized Docketing System and Case Types
    Search for a Georgia state-chartered bank,
    regulated by the Department of Banking & Finance.
    Search for a Georgia state-chartered credit union,
    regulated by the Department of Banking & Finance.
    Search for a Money Service Business regulated by
    the Department of Banking and Finance (i.e.,
    check cashers, sale of check/money order
    companies, and money transmitters).
    Statewide Index Searching. UCC index, Lien
    index, Real Estate Deed index, Notary index, Plat
    index & more...
    Corporation Search
    Georgia Assessors is your doorway to all Georgia
    County websites for on-line parcel & GIS Data.
    To look up a health care provider licensed by the
    Georgia Medical Board, enter a keyword (last
    name, license number OR city) AND select a
    provider type, then select the SEARCH button.
    Search by name or license number.
    Search by Agency name
    Search by name or select from category
    Search a listing of active and inactive (revoked,
    suspended, withdrawn, or expired) licensees.
    Real Estate, Research and public information
    Search for a Professional Licensee
    Search for a licensed Business
    Search for an agent by name or license number
    Search for an Appraiser by name or license
    Search for a real estate company
    search of the Division's registrants in the state of
    Georgia. You may also submit a complaint
    regarding securities, charities, or cemeteries via
    this site.
    From the Georgia State Archives.  These volumes
    are the recorded copy of official trademarks and
    union labels of goods sold or distributed in
    Georgia and represent their registration with the
    State of Georgia, 1894-1959.
    Search by name or city.  Georgia Department Of
Public Safety/Law Enforcement
    A reporter’s state-by-state access guide to law
    enforcement records
    Established as the statewide law enforcement
    agency in Georgia.
    The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is an
    independent, state-wide agency that provides
    assistance to the state's criminal justice system in
    the areas of criminal investigations, forensic
    laboratory services and computerized criminal
    justice information.
    Georgia Sheriffs Association
    The Georgia State Patrol is the law enforcement
    agency responsible for investigating traffic crashes
    and enforcing traffic laws on the state's roads.
    Search online accident & incident reports
Transportation (Airports, Autos & Boats)
    Driver Licensing
    Unofficial guide to the DMV
    Georgia Department of Revenue.  Motor Vehicle
    Division. Titles & Registrations
    Information on how to obtain vehicle records
    Welcome to the website for NAVIGATOR, the
    Georgia Department of Transportation's Intelligent
    Transportation System (ITS).
Unsolved Crimes & Missing Persons
    Browse missing persons information and photos
    from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.
    Browse unsolved Homicide information and
    photos from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.
    Browse images and information from the Georgia
    Bureau of Investigation
    Browse images and information from the Georgia
    Bureau of investigation.
Vital Records (Birth, Death & Marriage)
    From the Georgia State Archives.  Georgia Death
    Certificates from 1919 through 1927. The
    collection also includes a number of certificates
    from 1914-1918, with the bulk dating from 1917
    and 1918.
    Georgia Department of Health
    Georgia Birth Certificate, Death Record, Marriage
    license and other vital records
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