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Adoption/Child Services
    Washington DC Adoption - Adopting in
    Washington DC. Adoptees, Adopt, Birth Mothers,
    Search & Reuion.
    The Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) is
    the District of Columbia public agency that protects
    child victims, and children at risk, of abuse or
    The Child Support Services Division (CSSD) is the
    district agency that helps the person caring for a
    child to collect child support from the child's non-
    custodial parent. The CSSD also helps those who
    are divorced to collect spousal support.
Area Codes, Post Offices & Zip Codes
    Washington, DC area codes and cities within area
    codes 202
    Postal / Zip Code Listings For Alabama
    The Department of Corrections Warrant Squad is
    actively seeking these inmates who are fugitives of
    justice. Click on the photographs for more details
    about each fugitive.
    Browse information on wanted suspects.
    The Sex Offender Registration Act of 1999
    authorizes the Court Services and Offender
    Supervision Agency (CSOSA) to establish and
    maintain the sex offender registry for the District of
    Columbia. The Law authorizes the Metropolitan
    Police Department to release sex offender
    information to the public.
    PInow.com is a directory of local, pre-screened
    and qualified private investigators.
    Washington-DC Process Service - ServeNow.com
General Resource
    Legal Community Against Violence
    Freedom of Information Center at the Missouri
    School of Journalism
    Browse alphabetical list or search by keyword.
    District of Columbia Homepage
    Browse the official code for Washington D.C.
Libraries & Archives
    This page contains a list of public libraries in
    Washington DC.
    Browse online catalog and information about
    library services
    A Guide to Library Resources on the Internet
    Updated links to all District of Columbia
    newspapers (US) from NewsLink Associates
    Find newspapers in Washington DC with our free,
    current & extensive directory listings
    Links to newspapers and TV stations in the District
    of Columbia.
P.I. Related (Licensing & Associations)
Public Records
    You can use this website to check to see if some
    types of businesses have valid licenses -- by
    address, name or entire list
    The Office of Campaign Finance provides easy
    access to all contributions and expenditures
    reported from January 1, 1999 through the current
    reporting period.
    Images of Financial Reports submitted, beginning
    1999, by Candidates, Political Committees,
    Lobbyists, Citizen Service Programs, and
    Senator/Representative Statehood Funds are
    available below for public inspection.
    The database is updated on a monthly basis, and
    includes CBE contact information, business
    description, and NIGP code.
    Search for available business names
    View details and status of organizations already
    registered in DC  
    The public record information viewed on the Case
    Docket Public Access System reflects the Civil
    Docket entries and information kept by the
    Superior Court of the District of Columbia. The
    information posted is believed to be accurate as of
    the date of posting.
    Search License Verification and Status Information
    Division of Insurance, Securities and Banking
    Browse list of Establishemnts and reasons for
    Search for a licensed Health Professional
    Search for a licensed Healthcare facility
    The Department of Consumer and Regulatory
    Affairs (DCRA) regulates and licenses 127
    occupations and professional licensing categories.
    Search based on address or Precinct Number
    The District of Columbia Tobacco Directory
    provides a current listing of the cigarette brands
    that may be lawfully sold in the District of Columbia.
    Check your Voter registration status
    PropertyShark.com is a tool to help you get ALL of
    the information about any property.  First 6 reports
    Search the Unclaimed Property Database
Public Safety/Law Enforcement
    The Arrest and Criminal History Section, Records
    Branch, provides police reports and clearances for
    a small fee.
    You can find out if your vehicle has been towed by
    entering specific information about your vehicle.
Transportation (Airports, Autos & Boats)
    Department Homepage.  Browse information
    about services.
    Unofficial guide to the DMV
    Information on how to obtain a copy of your own
    record or the record of someone else.
Unsolved Crimes & Missing Persons
    The images below represent some of the Missing
    Persons reports filed with the Metropolitan Police
    Department. These are not the only Missing
    Persons cases in DC.
    Browse cases by year
Vital Records (Birth, Death and Marriage
    DOH: Obtain Birth or Death Certificates
    District of Columbia Birth Certificate, Death
    Record, Marriage license and other vital records
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