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Adoption/Child Services
    Adopting in Alaska. Adoptees, Birth Mothers, Search & Reunion
    Adoption, Guardianship & Foster Care. Office of Children's Services
    This department offers these services:  Locates absent parents, Establish paternity,Establish child support orders,
    including a support amount and medical coverage, Enforces child support orders,Reviews and modifies child support
    orders, Direct Deposit of your child support
    Other Child Services/Child Abuse
Area Codes, Post Offices & Zip Codes
    A listing of all the cities in each area code in the state of Alaska
    Search for Post Office locations in Alaska,  get latitude and longitude, maps and links.
    Zip Code Listings for Alaska
    Alaska Department of Corrections.  Photos of  convicted felons who stopped reporting to his or her probation/parole
    officer. Each has a statewide warrant for arrest.
    Sex Offender Registries, Sex Offenders Search, News, Info and Discussion
    Alaska VINELink Search page
    Alaska Department of Public Safety.  This registry includes offenders who have been convicted of sex offenses who have
    registered and those who are required to register but may not be in compliance.
    Search the Alaska Bar Association membership directory by last name or by member number. is a directory of local, pre-screened and qualified private investigators.
    Alaska Process Servers -
    In this database, you will be able to find various public school information such as: the school district the public school is
    in, contact information, school website (if they have one), grade levels, enrollment, and school calendar.
    Find contact information such as: district’s address, telephone and fax number, district's e-mail and website address,
    superintendent's name and e-mail address, and school board president.
    University Homepage
    The Enterprise Directory includes contact information for departments, current faculty, staff, and students. It includes
    everyone at the University of Alaska, regardless of campus or MAU affiliation.
General Resource
    Legal Community Against Violence
    Freedom of Information Center at the Missouri School of Journalism.  Relevant section begins at Section 40.25.110 Re:
    inspection, copying, and fees of open public records.
    Alaska State Symbols Capital Constitution Flags Maps Song
    Browse contact information for Alaska Courts
    Information about the Alaska Court System
    Links to State Legislature Website and Legislative Research Guides & Sources
    This web site offers you the ability to track bills, locate and contact your legislators (PDF document), access committee
    information and stay up-to-date on legislative activities.
    Informational guide to Alaska Statutes & Regulations.  These Infobases are not the official versions of the Alaska statutes
    and regulations currently in effect.
    Inside BASIS you can find information on Bills, Schedules and Legislative Members.
    Alaska organizations, agencies, websites and municipal bond calendar
    NACo collects, researches, publishes and disseminates a variety of different information for, on and about counties.
    Find a State Employee
    State of Alaska Home Page
    A directory of official State, County & Local Government Websites.
    Alaska County, City and Township Government Web Sites
Libraries & Archives
    Browse information about Historical Collections, and search online databases.
    A Guide to Library Resources on the internet.
    Alaska State Map - Cities, Roads, Counties, Rivers, Lakes, Topo
    U.S. Census Bureau
    The Alaska State Library has compiled a guide to the Alaskan newspapers currently available on microfilm. From this
    web site you may download the guide and related information as Portable Document Format (PDF) files
    Newspapers of the World - Newslink
    Thousands of newspapers on the Net
    Alaska Newspapers - Alaska Newspaper List
PI Related (Licensing & Associations)
Public Records
    General Information about public records in Alaska.
    Search for alcoholic beverage licensees
    Alaska Statute (AS) 12.62.160 authorizes “Any Person” to receive Alaska criminal justice information. The Department
    of Public Safety, Criminal Records and Identification (R&I) Bureau maintains Alaska Criminal Justice Information.
    This directory is updated each year to provide a comprehensive listing of all state-chartered banks,
    national banks, state and federal thrifts and credit unions, small loan companies, premium finance
    companies, trust companies, deferred deposit lenders, and BIDCOS, that are approved and operating in the State of
    This database includes over 100,000 state business licenses issued by the Alaska Division of Corporations,
    Business and Professional Licensing.  Check the license expiration date (Exp.Date).  If there is no expiration date, or
    the date has passed, the license has lapsed.
    Registrations thru August 31, 2008.  Opens in PDF
    Department of Community and Economic Development.
    Search for Fisheries license status.
    Browse a list of licensed gaming distributors
    Browse a list of licensed gaming manufacturers.
    Search Gaming license status
    Browse list of Gaming Operator Licensees
    Search by permit name, number, or city
    search for a company by name, prior name, NAIC number or federal identification number
    Division of Insurance-Alaska.
    Search by Business name
    Real estate, public records and research information portal
    Department of Labor & Workforce Development.
    search the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (Division of Environmental Health) databases of
    Search by name, license number or category
    Search by name, license number, or ID.
    Search by dealer name or license number
    Statewide list.  Opens in PDF.
    This database contains over 30,000 occupational/professional licenses issued by the Alaska Division of Corporations,
    Business and Professional Licensing and its licensing boards.
    Alaska Public Record Search - Alaska People Search - Alaska County Record
    Alaska Department of Natural Resources Recorder's Office UCC Online Filing
    Browse list of cigarette manufacturers and their associated brands that have been determined to be in compliance
    with Alaska law,
    Search for licensed dealers.
    The Name Index includes case information for courts that have not yet migrated to the court system's new case
    management system, which is called CourtView.
    Department of Natural Resources-Recorders Office-UCC
    Alaska Department of Revenue - Tax Division
    Alaska Trial Court Cases.  Courtview Search page.  Will Index covers entire state.
Public Safety/Law Enforcement
    A reporter’s state-by-state access guide to law enforcement records
    DPS is made up of five divisions, the Division of Alaska State Troopers, Division of Wildlife Troopers, Division of Fire
    and Life Safety, Division of Statewide Services and the Division of Administrative Services.
    The Division is divided into five detachments and two bureaus. Detachments A, B, C, D, and E, and Alaska Bureau of
    Investigation (ABI), and Alaska Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Enforcement (ABADE).
    ABI provides or coordinates the response of investigators specifically trained to handle cases involving fraud, forgery,
    computer and internet crime, homicide, suicide, sexual assault, surveillance, polygraph examinations, and missing
Transportation (Airports, Autos & Boats)
    Department of Administration-Motor Vehicle.
    Schedules, rates, and other information about the Inter-Island Ferry Authority.
    Official Site.  Browse information about the system
    Official Homepage.  Browse information about fares, schedules, and more...
    Department of Administration-Motor Vehicle.
    Unofficial guide to the DMV
    Browse images of Alaska license plates.
    Department of Motor Vehicles.  Confidentiality of Motor Vehicle Records
Unsolved Crimes & Missing Persons
    Alaska Bureau of Investigation
Vital Records (Birth, Death & Marriage)
    Browse links to online death records and indexes
    The Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics is responsible for managing vital records in the State of Alaska which include
    birth, death, fetal death, divorce and marriage certificate data, along with reports of adoption.
    Alaska Birth Certificate, Death Record, Marriage license and other vital records
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