The Social Security Administration Death Master File contains
    information on millions of deceased individuals with United States
    social security numbers whose deaths were reported to the Social
    Security Administration. Birth years for the individuals listed range
    from 1875 to last year. Information in these records includes name,
    birth date, death date, and last known residence.


    Will attempt to forward a letter to a missing person under
    circumstances involving a matter of great importance, such as a
    death or serious illness in the missing person's immediate family, or
    a sizeable amount of money that is due the missing person.

    Checks that the number is valid and that it has not been reported
    as belonging to a deceased person.

    Verify that your employee names and Social Security numbers
    match Social Security's records. This service is available to all
    employers and third-party submitters, but it can only be used to
    verify current or former employees and only for wage reporting
    (Form W-2) purposes.

    SSNs are not assigned consecutively; the first was not the lowest
    number, and the most recent is not the highest. They are assigned
    regionally and in batches...[more...]
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