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Alphabetical List
    Search for current data on real estate in New York State, and
    expanded data sets covering the Eastern United States and other
    MSA’s. This is a subscription service.
    Public Inquiry Search Anchorage
    Review Tax Information Anchorage
    Parcel Property Lookup Maricopa and Pima Counties.  These
    lookups are for people who have made current or past filings with
    the SBOE.
    Links to to property tax assessor websites.  Organized on a state-by-
    state basis, this directory offers links to more than 2,300 state and
    local tax assessor sites.
    An interactive public access tool that allows users to view
    city/countyinformation records and GIS information via one portal.
    Search for Property Tax, Appraisal, Probate Court, Deeds & Records
    and more.  Search covers select Alabama and Mississippi Counties.
    Access to GIS property data.  Partial free access/Partial subscription
    Search for Foreclosures - Foreclosed Homes
    Browse list of Assessors with links to contact information and
    Search the Real Property database and display property records by
    The real estate information portal for retrieving property records
    online including tax data, deeds, mortgages, liens, leases and
    From a single address, allows you to see a
    description of the property, its most recent sales price, an
    approximation of its value, its owners' names and addresses, its
    title history, code violations, permits, photographs, maps, and much
    more.  This is a subscription service but allows users to get 6 free
    reports each day.
    Real Estate Assessment Data for Tennessee
    Texas' online property record database
    Links to Appraisal Databases in the following states:  Connecticut,
    Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont &
    Real Estate Valuations, Homes for Sale, Free Real Estate

State-by-State Links
    Information about property tax and links to county offices.
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