Background Screening
    NAPBS serves to represent the interest of companies offering employment and
    background screening.

Legal Investigation
    Membership in NALI is open to all professional legal investigators who are actively
    engaged in negligence investigations for the plaintiff and/or criminal defense, and who are
    employed by investigative firms, law firms or public defender agencies.

Process Server
    Sole purpose is to improve the professionalism within the process serving industry.
    A Worldwide Organization Founded on the Principles of Professionalism and High Ethical
    Standards. Website includes a large database of Process Server listings.
    The focus of our Association is to help persons in need of a Process Server to find one in
    any part of the United States.
    It is our intention to make this site the single greatest resource for all Process Servers and
    Private Investigators.
    It is the goal of the NPSA, to create a central marketplace where people seeking Service of
    Process can easily find and order service from local process servers throughout the

Public Records
    The purposes of this corporation are to serve as a trade association of businesses
    engaged in the public records filing, research and retrieval industry

Private Investigator/Detective Licensing Requirements
    A state by state list from
    Identifying Private Investigator Requirements

    Organization for Security Professionals
    The NAGIA is a unique alliance of criminal justice professionals dedicated to the
    promotion and coordination of national anti-gang strategies.
    A cooperative effort of those companies and associations responsible for providing private
    security and investigation services to the legal profession, business community,
    government and the public.

State Associations
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