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Missing Children
    AMECO is an organization of member agencies in the United
    States and Canada who provide services to families with
    missing and exploited children.
    The State Clearinghouses are all required to track cases of
    missing persons and to provide resources to law
    enforcement and the searching families.
    Volunteer investigative professionals dedicated to assisting
    in the search for missing children.
    The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
    (NCMEC).  The Nation's Resource Center for Child
    The Polly Klaas® Foundation is a national nonprofit that
    helps find missing children, prevents children from going
    missing, and promotes laws like Amber Alert that help keep
    children safe.

Missing Persons
    International Center for Unidentified & Missing Persons
    Covering the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe &
    Missing Relatives, Missing Children and associated Missing
    Persons Web Sites
    NCMA operates as the national clearinghouse for missing
    adults, providing services and coordination between various
    government agencies, law enforcement, media, and most
    importantly - the families of missing adults. NCMA also
    maintains a national database of missing adults determined
    to be "endangered" or otherwise at-risk.
    Listing of State Clearinghouses
    This site is dedicated to all of the missing persons in North
    America and their loved ones.

Missing Persons by  Location

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