Licenses:  Occupational
& Professional

    This database contains over 30,000
    occupational/professional licenses issued by the
    Alaska Division of Corporations, Business and
    Professional Licensing and its licensing boards.
    State business licenses are not included. There is a
    separate business license search.
    You may use this page to look up a company or
    individual who has a license issued by the
    Department of Consumer Affairs.
    Department of Business & Professional
    Regulation.  The DBPR Online Services website
    provides information about applicants and licensed
    individuals for those professions and businesses
    that are regulated by the Department of Business
    and Professional Regulation.
    License Look-up results include the Licensee's
    Name, License Number, License Status, City and
    State, Original Date of Licensure, License Expiration
    Date and Disciplinary Action Indicator.
    Review  the professional and disciplinary
    background of 44,000 physicians and surgeons
    licensed to practice in Illinois.
    This site only verifies M.D.s, D.O.s, and
    The Superintendent of Banking has the
    responsibility to oversee the following professions:
    accountants; architects; engineers and land
    surveyors; landscape architects; real estate brokers
    and agents; real estate appraisers; and interior
    The Bureau of Professional Licensure is a Bureau
    within the Iowa Department of Public Health with 19
    licensure boards regulating 39 professions.
    Professional Licensure (registration, renewal,
    continuing education, verification)
    Individuals holding the following Licenses, whether
    active or expired, can be verified using this page:
    Adult Care Home Administrators, Audiologists,
    Dietitians and Speech-Language Pathologists.
    The following file, in Adobe .pdf format, lists
    individuals currently approved to conduct loan
    origination activities on behalf of a specific mortgage
    company licensee.
    Licenses the following:  engineering, architecture,
    land surveying, landscape architecture and geology
    License Verification Online, permits consumers,
    professionals and employers to obtain vital
    information on the records of more than 40,000
    licensees in the 20 professions affiliated with the
Mississippi-Department of Agriculture
    The information contained in "Downloadable
    Listings" and "Licensee Search" is updated nightly.
Links to Occupational & Professional Licensee databases.
State by State and Nationwide.
    Complete Listing of Licensed Occupations.  Current
    as of 2004.  This is a Large PDF file.
    Search by last name or business name
    Search the county from the drop down list or click on
    a county on the map
    Browse a list of Licensees.  List is in .pdf format.
    Search by name or location
    Search by name, address or type of action
    You may search by company name, city and/or state.
    Search by date, name or industry type.
    Browse Alphabetical list
    View a list of landscape Architects Licensed in
    Nebraska.  List is a .pdf file.
    Search a database of licensees and applicants that
    can be searched by one or multiple fields
    Browse lists of registered architects, interior
    designers and residential designers.
    Search by name or browse a list.
    Search by business name, principal name or
    license number
    Lookup the status of an Individual or Firm by name
    or license number
    You may search by entering the last name, the first
    name if known.
    Nevada Division of Financial Institutions
    The following documents (pdf) list those
    businesses licensed in Nevada to provide various
    wildlife or hunting-related services such as guiding,
    taxidermy, falconry, commercial and scientific
    collection or possession, shooting preserves and
    wildlife rehabilitation.
    Browse lists of registered landscape architects.
    Search by name
    Search Licensees and Exempt Companies
    Search for Licensed businesses.  Includes Auto
    Dealers and Manufacturers, Wrecking Yards, Auto
    Repair Garages and Body Shops
    Search by license number or last name
    Search by license number, individual name or
    company name.
    Search by last name or view list
    the search results display the contact name; the
    license, certificate, permit, or registration number
    and license type; date of issuance, expiration date,
    and current status.
New Hampshire
    The Joint Board Regulates the professions of
    Professional Engineers, Architects, Land Surveyors,
    Professional Geologists, Foresters, Natural
    Scientists, Landscape Architects and Court
    Provides information about occupational licenses,
    certifications, or registrations issued by state
    boards, commissions, and departments.
    The Licensing Verification Site allows you to obtain
    public information regarding a licensed individual or
New Jersey
New Mexico
    Search each category for licensed professionals--
    Regulation and Licensing Department
New York
North Carolina
    A list of professions in North Carolina that require a
    (Note:  The professions who have links to a license
    verification or roster are listed on this page with the
    link to the roster or verification information).
North Dakota
    The Oregon License Directory is the official State of
    Oregon website that provides a single information
    source for Oregon licenses, certifications, permits,
    and registrations (all referred to as licenses).
    Information on all known state licenses is available
    on this site, as well as links to license holder
    lookups (when available) and federal license
    summary information with links.
    The Certified CWD Technicians registered with the
    Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture can be
    searched from this web page.
    Any business in the Commonwealth of
    Pennsylvania who is manufacturing, distributing or
    retailing drugs, medical devices and/or medicated
    cosmetics must register with the Pennsylvania
    Department of Health unless otherwise noted as a
    designated exemption.
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
    Utah Division of Occupational and Professional
West Virginia

    DocFinder contains the licensing background and
    disciplinary information of physicians and other
    health care practitioners with much more detailed
    Medical Malpractice, Hospital Discipline and
    Criminal Conviction information from Physician
    Profile Law states such as First in the Nation
    Use the Licensed Occupations tool to find contact
    information about licenses for career in your state.
    The NPDB and HIPDB are resources to assist
    eligible entities in investigating the qualifications
    and credentials of health care practitioners,
    providers, and suppliers. Entities must meet
    eligibility requirements and be registered with the
    Data Bank(s) in order to query or report.
    The Producer Database (PDB) is a central
    repository of producer licensing information
    updated on a timely basis by participating state
    insurance departments.  There is a setup fee and
    charges for downloading of reports.
    This online process allows you to verify the
    certification status of pharmacy technicians and
    Certified Pharmacy Technicians (CPhTs).
    Use this site to search for a real estate practitioner
    to verify the current status of that person's license or
    registration. This tool will research an international
    database for information you can use to determine
    whether or not the person with whom you are
    working is in fact authorized to assist you for a fee in
    a real estate transaction
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