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Schools K-12 is the best on-line resource to gather relevant information on over 105,000 K-12 schools in the
    United States.  Subscriptions available monthly or annually.
Schools Higher Education
    A national advocate and institutional voice for self-regulation of academic quality  through accreditation,
    CHEA is an association of 3,000 degree-granting colleges and  universities and recognizes 60
    institutional and programmatic accrediting organizations.
    The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) database lists approximately 7,000 degree-
    granting and non-degree-granting institutions and over 17,000 programs that are accredited by United
    States accrediting organizations that have been recognized either by CHEA or by the United States
    Department of Education (USDE) or both.
    This directory contains contact information about 467 quality assurance bodies, accreditation bodies and
    Ministries of Education in 175 countries. The quality assurance and accreditation bodies have been
    authorized to operate by their respective governments either as agencies of the government or as private
    (nongovernmental) organizations.
    Each of the postsecondary educational institutions and programs contained within the database is, or
    was, accredited by an accrediting agency or state approval agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of
    Education as a “reliable authority as to the quality of postsecondary education” within the meaning of the
    Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA). The database does not include a number of
    postsecondary educational institutions and programs that elect not to seek accreditation but nevertheless
    may provide a quality postsecondary education.
    Find your state department of education, state contacts and organizations, ED press releases for your
    state, and other state information
    The Directory is intended to help you identify and contact organizations that provide information and
    assistance on a broad range of education-related topics.
Schools Information & Searches
    A place for educators, researchers, and policymakers to access information about public schools.
    National Center for Education Statistics.  Search for Public Schools, Private Schools, Colleges, and
    Charter schools are nonsectarian public schools of choice that operate with freedom from many of the
    regulations that apply to traditional public schools.
Private Investigator Training & Education
    Resources from National Clearinghouse for Science, Technology and the Law
    Private Investigator and Detective Training School offers courses to those who are looking to become a
    private investigator and to those professionals who are already working in the private investigation
    industry.  At Private Investigator and Detective Training School you can earn your Private Investigation
    Certificate any way you want to online.
    Hosted by Robert Scott, Private Investigator.
Researching Academic Credentials
    Facts for Business from the Federal Trade Commission
    Verification Services
    FTC Consumer Alert
    FTC  “Facts for Business” Publication Specifically Aimed at Protecting Businesses from Hiring Employees
    With Fake Degrees
    Degree verification & enrollment verification
State-by State Departments of Education
U.S. Territories Departments of Education
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