Access is restricted to information professionals who must qualify for the
    service. Subscriber base includes legal, professional, and insurance industry
    investigators, and federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.
    Free Birthday Search.
    A database research company designed exclusively to serve credentialed
    professionals engaged in serious, in-depth, background information research.
    A closed network site, meaning that only certain industries have access to our
    data and only for legitimately recognized business.
    Access For  Law Enforcement, Investigative, Security And Human Resources
    Communities... ONLY Licensed Professionals only need apply.
    DENSPRI provides nationwide driving records and other DMV reports such as
    vehicle information and accident reports. A wide range of supplementary
    information for claims analysis and investigations is also available.
    Access is restricted to information professionals who must qualify for the
    Access restricted to industry Professionals.
    A Choice Point Company. The information is compiled from official records
    collection sources and updated regularly. This public record information is
    accessible to all Web users, from the professional researcher to the novice user.
    A leading provider of comprehensive information and business solutions to
    professionals in a variety of areas—legal, risk management, corporate,
    government, law enforcement, accounting and academic.
    Research for small firms.  Legal research from LexisNexis®, flexibly priced by
    the day, week, or month
    Access to Merlin's databases is restricted to industry professionals who must
    qualify to use the service. Merlin supplies data primarily to businesses in the
    investigative and collections industries that locate or identify individuals or
    businesses for legitimate business purposes.
    Database provider to the Back Ground Screening Industry.
    Credit & Back Ground Screening (international)
    On-line access to databases.  Services restricted to Investigative Professionals.
    Back Ground and Pre-Employment Screening
    Tracers provides public record and reference products that allow individuals and
    companies to quickly and easily access valuable information from huge
    amounts of data.  Subscription Database.
Database Providers  (18)
Information Brokers & Databases

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