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    Latest Press Releases and other resources from the United States
    Department of Justice
    Cybercrime Resources
    Federal Bureau of Investigations-Cyber Investigations

    IC3's mission is to serve as a vehicle to receive, develop, and refer
    criminal complaints regarding the rapidly expanding arena of cyber
    A list of official government web resources to help you report and learn
    about internet fraud.
    Practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to
    help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and
    protect your personal information.
    Includes a table of federal investigative law enforcement agencies that
    may be appropriate for reporting certain kinds of crime.

    Use this form to report a web page you believe has been incorrectly
    classified as a known or suspicious Phish web page to Symantec
    Security Response.
    Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section Criminal Division
    United States Department of Justice
    Stay Safe Online provides free and non-technical cyber security and
    safety resources to the public, so consumers, small businesses and
    educators have the know how to avoid cyber crime.

General Resources
    ARIN provides services related to the technical coordination and
    management of Internet number resources.

    Computer related and based calculators, conversion charts and
    converter programs
    The fastest and easiest way to determine your IP address.

    Here's a quick list of some of our most popular tools to help refine and
    improve your search.

    When browsing the Internet it is common to come across error
    messages displayed in the browser. The 20 most common Internet
    Explorer Error messages are listed here.

    Check your web pages with LinkChecker.

    The TouchGraph Google Browser reveals the network of connectivity
    between websites, as reported by Google's database of related sites.

    This tool attempts to locate the source IP address of an email based on
    the email headers (Where did the email come from).

    WatchThatPage is a service that enables you to automatically collect
    new information from your favorite pages on the Internet. You select
    which pages to monitor, and WatchThatPage will find which pages have
    changed, and collect all the new content for you. The new information is
    presented to you in an email and/or a personal web page. You can
    specify when the changes will be collected, so they are fresh when you
    want to read them. The service is free!*

    Your resource for free webmaster tools and resources.

    Find out who registered a domain name and view additional registration
    and Web site data.

    This website has information about the Federal Trade Commission's
    recent law enforcement actions against deceptive commercial email
    and spammers' responsibilities under the CAN-SPAM law.

    Federal Trade Commission.  Facts for Business.  Encourages
    computer owners to secure their network servers to prevent
    unauthorized users from hijacking them to send spam

    State Laws Relating to Unsolicited Commercial or Bulk E-mail (SPAM)
    Thirty-eight states have laws regulating unsolicited commercial or bulk
    electronic mail advertising. Many of these state laws prohibit
    misrepresenting or falsifying the origin of or the routing information on
    messages; using an Internet address of a third party without
    permission, or including misleading information in the subject line of a
    message. Some states also prohibit the sale or distribution of software
    that is designed solely to falsify or forge the point of origin of or the
    routing information on e-mail messages.
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