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Airport Directories
    A Directory of over 9,000 Airports, Airfields & Heliports Worldwide
    Airports listed by state.  Includes listings for smaller Airports.
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  List of airports in the United
    States, grouped by state or territory and sorted by city.  Due to the large
    number of airports in the United States, this page only lists public use
    airports providing scheduled passenger services with over 10,000
    passenger boardings per year (classified as primary airports by the
    Federal Aviation Administration).
    Search or browse over 12,000 airports worldwide.

Aviation Related Certification & Registration
United States:
    FAA Registry.  These queries provide information about current registered
    owners, documents filed, aircraft dealers, and more.
    You may download the entire database to your computer
    Database contains  data for scheduled Air Carriers ONLY
    Search Austrian Aircraft Register
    Search Belgian Aircraft Register
    Extensive search inquiry application intended to provide basic aircraft
    registration information on civilian aircraft registered in Canada.
    Search Danish Register of Civil Aircraft
    Download the register in (PDF) format.
    Search India Register of Civil Aircraft.
    Browse Irish Civil Aircraft Registry.
    Latvian Aircraft Register.  Opens as a Word document.
    Browse Lebanese Aircraft Register
    Luxembourg Aircraft Register
    Search the Civil Aviation Authority's Aircraft Register database for New
    Welcome to the Unofficial Norwegian Civil Aircraft Register.  This site
    contains information about every aircraft registered in the Norwegian
    registry, the registry is publicly available on the Norwegian CAA
    homepage and are distributed on this page as an alternative to the CAA
    original copy.
    Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
    For security reasons, you are now required to register on the South
    African aircraft register page. This registration is free and will give you
    access to the register online.
    Search the database of the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority.
    The Swiss Aircraft Registry shows all records of Swiss registered
    Aircrafts. It contains detailed information regarding owner and holder, type
    of aircraft, its year of construction, serial number, max. MTOM, and the fee
    according to noise level.
    Search for an aircraft's details with this GInfo Database

General Information
    Browse this aircraft information database for detailed information and
    history on different types of airplanes.
    Search this Airline Designator / Code Database Search
    Browse this large database of airline information.  This detailed guide
    gives you information on airline seating, meals, lounges, ammenities,
    mileage programs, and more!
    The NTSB aviation accident database contains information from 1962
    and later about civil aviation accidents and selected incidents within the
    United States, its territories and possessions, and in international waters.
    FAA Website
    Track a flight.
    Aviation based calculators, conversion charts and converter programs.  
    Also links to Aviation databases, specific aircraft pages, aircraft
    manufacturers and lots more...
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